Chiropractic treatment of animals is a fairly new modality of care when compared to it's use on humans.

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Animals that are in pain around their head, neck, or back can obviously benefit from chiropractic care, but there are many other situations that may not be as obvious to owners. Pets that have a hard time getting up, cannot get comfortable when laying down, have an abnormal posture when sitting, constantly pant, eat slower, are not as social as they once were toward other animals and people, or seem more aggravated when approached by other animals are all showing varying signs and degrees of chronic pain and may benefit from chiropractic treatment.

Horses are very athletic and graceful animals that rely heavily on healthy nerves, joints, bones and muscles to do their jobs (which often involve carrying an additional 100-200Ibs on their back!). In order to do this, horses not only need to be pain free, they also need to have an adequate range of motion of their joints and have a healthy nervous system that communicates well with their brain. Horses that have chronic lameness issues can respond to chiropractic treatment, but what about horses that are not lame? By restoring normal mobility to joints that have subtle limitations to their movement, equine athletes are able to perform at their highest levels, which translates to higher points and faster times.

Horse Grazing

Many times problems are not the result of a specific injury, but as a result of repetitive use and the subsequent microtraumas caused by that use, just like in human athletes.

Signs that might indicate that chiropractic care would be beneficial to your horse include:

* Inability to turn head and neck to the side or twisting at the poll when asked to do so

* Inability to pick up a lead

*  "Cinchy" behavior (acting painful/bucking when the cinch is tightened)

* Feeling "disjointed" when ridden or like riding two different horses

* Unwillingness or inability to turn a certain direction

* Fighting the bit

* Head tossing

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