1. Boxes!

Literally, just get them a box, or you can get creative. Think box forts or even secured, stacked boxes to keep their environment entertaining.

2. Make food interesting

In the wild, cats hunt and eat multiple small meals a day. Try hiding food in several spots around the house, tossing dry kibble in small amounts to chase, or even using toys or mazes with food. You can purchase food mazes and games online or create your own at home using something as simple as toilet paper rolls.

3. Water fountains

Most cats enjoy running water and it can encourage them to drink more. These also provide visual and auditory stimulation.

4. Grow some ‘cat grass’

Cats love to munch on fresh wheatgrass or catnip. You can purchase kits to grow either option online or in your local pet store.

5. Interactive electronic games

Download a game on your tablet or phone for your cat to play. Test it at first to make sure they can’t damage the screen or use a screen protector.

6. Play them calming music when you are away

Cats tend to like slower, classical music but there are playlists that can be purchased or downloaded online like Through a Cat’s Ear.

7. New views

Put a piece of furniture in a window for them to have a new view. Using cat furniture with scratching posts is a great way to provide allow them areas to ‘perch’ up high while giving them appropriate scratching areas too.

8. Active play

Try playing with your cat with a feather toy, laser pointer, or get artistic with items around the house. Be careful with unsupervised strings or bands, as they can be swallowed and cause potentially serious intestinal issues.

-Dr. Rianne Decker