Veterinary Services

Bovine Herd Health & Production Medicine

This service includes herd health consultation, pregnancy examination, vaccinations, and deworming.

Bovine Herd Health & Production Medicine in Abilene, TX

Livestock production is one of the oldest professions in the world, and we have long known that proper animal husbandry and herd health lead to decreased long-term costs. This, in turn, increases the profitability of an operation. One of the most important aspects of herd health is setting production goals. Tracking and measuring costs, losses, and gains of an operation allows the producer to adequately evaluate his or her profitability, no matter the size of the herd. We are able to outline a satisfactory herd health/husbandry plan for any producer. We also provide pregnancy diagnosis via palpation or ultrasound, fertility testing, brucellosis vaccinations, body condition evaluation, and more. Whether on the farm or in the office, we are committed to helping your bottom line.